About MasterPress

Established in 1972, MasterPress has been a leader in printing labels, nameplates, graphic overlays, fabricated materials, and membrane switches for decades.

Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, MasterPress serves both customers in our backyard and all over North America. Our products are competitively priced in the market place and quality is never sacrificed. MasterPress believes strongly in customer service and meeting your applications requirements.

Customer Service First

While MasterPress may not be as big as some of our competitors, we see this as an advantage.

Operating on a smaller scale gives us the agility to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently. With this type of operation, we gain accountability from every staff member so we are able to treat you as our most important customer whether yours is a large manufacturing corporation, an independently owned company or a small facility.

We provide personal attention for your projects combined with pride in workmanship which results in quality products delivered and satisfied customers each and every time.

Modern, Efficient, Competitive

MasterPress has been on a growth path since 1989. Investing in state of the art production equipment and implementing efficient manufacturing techniques has enabled MasterPress to expand and advance our print, fabrication, and assembly capabilities to meet the demands of today’s companies. Competitive pricing, quality products, technical expertise, on-time delivery, and customer-first service are why companies choose MasterPress again and again.

MasterPress is ready to assist with your next project and be a supportive partner along the way from concept to production. To get started on your next project, simply call 206.524.1444 or request a quote »

Service, Quality, and Value – This is the MasterPress commitment.

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